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General Mills Sets Goal to Buy All Cage-Free Eggs by 2025

Nov 27
General Mills has set a deadline for its conversion to all cage-free eggs by 2025.

Emails Reveal Coke's Role in Anti-Obesity Group

By Candice Choi | Nov 27
It's just the latest example of Coke working with outside experts to promote messages that benefit the company.

Mall Stores Must Open on Thanksgiving but Expect to Be Busy

By Joyce M. Rosenberg | Nov 26
Some big retailers face scrutiny for opening on Thanksgiving, but many small stores have no choice.

Older Workers Seeking Options for Reducing Hours on the Job

By Adam Allington | Nov 26
Some workers just want a gradual transition, whether for financial reasons or just to keep working jobs where they can still contribute and help train the next generation.

Hollywood Studio Pays Off 'Barefoot Bandit's' Restitution

Nov 25
A Hollywood studio has paid more than $1 million to settle the "Barefoot Bandit's" court-ordered restitution in exchange for the rights to his story.

KaloBios Stock Rockets After Investment From Shkreli

Nov 24
Shares of cancer drug developer KaloBios Pharmaceuticals rocketed higher Thursday after controversial investor Martin Shkreli led a group that took a majority stake in the company just after it had decided to wind down its operations.

Alaska Regulators Are 1st to OK Marijuana Use at Pot Shops

By Becky Bohrer | Nov 24
The board tasked with writing rules for Alaska's recreational marijuana industry voted Friday to allow for people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it, a first among the four states that have legalized the drug.

Oregon and Washington Delay Crab Season Because of Toxin

Nov 24
Oregon and Washington have joined California in delaying the start of their commercial crab seasons after dangerous toxin levels were found in the crabs.

Can 'The Force Awakens' Become the Biggest Movie Ever?

By Ryan Nakashima | Nov 23
Riding galaxy-sized expectations, the new "Star Wars" movie is already setting records for pre-opening ticket sales, with still a month to go. But does that mean the movie's destined to be the biggest of all time?

Pfizer, Allergan $160B Deal Forms World's Largest Drugmaker

Nov 23
Pfizer and Allergan are joining in the biggest buyout of the year, a $160 billion stock deal that will create the world's largest drugmaker.

1 thru 10 of 4448 Stories