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Jeffrey Tambor as Maura in "Transparent"

Jill Soloway & Jeffrey Tambor :: The 'Transparent' Experience

By Fred Topel | Sep 30
The new series "Transparent" is Amazon's bid to break into the competitive web series market. It will likely turn heads in its story of a 70-year old prof who tells his family he's trans. EDGE spoke to series creator Jill Soloway & star Jeffrey Tambor.


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Chrs Leavitt

Is Chris Leavitt Miami's Million Dollar Man?

By David Toussaint | Sep 30
EDGE's exclusive interview with "Million Dollar Listing Miami"'s Chris Leavitt. And in case you're wondering - yes - he's single.

The men of "Big Brother 16"

This is the End :: Putting 'Big Brother 16' to Bed

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 29
A look at "Big Brother 16," what the season meant for the franchise and where the CBS reality show will go in the next two years.

Transparent: New Dark Comedy About A Family Facing Their Truths

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sep 28
"One family, no apologies" is the tag line printed across Amazon Prime's promotional poster for their new series "Transparent." Ten thirty-minute episodes have been produced for the freshman season.

"Gotham" airs on Fox

Fall TV Preview :: 16 New Shows

By Mike Halterman | Sep 20
One of my favorite times of year is the new fall TV season. Who knows, you might find yourself addicted to 2014′s newest hit! Here are 16 shows to watch out for.

Getting to Know the Dystopia of Fox's 'Utopia'

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 20
Fox's new reality show "Utopia," is far from perfect, it's riddled with problems, but it's easily one of the most fascinating shows on television right now.


Chicago Fire - Season Two

By Michael Cox | Sep 25
Shot on location in Chicago, this television serial, another in a line of successful spaghetti crime dramas from Primetime Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf ("Law & Order"), knows how to make a create an action sequence.

Nashville - The Complete Second Season

By Michael Cox | Sep 25
Everyone is beautiful, and everyone is an artist with a heartache to sing about and a secret to keep silent, in "Nashville: The Complete Second Season."

Sleepy Hollow - The Complete First Season

By Christian Cintron | Sep 25
That series with the crazy pilot is finally available on Blu-ray. Upon watching the entire season, you will find a series with unique characters, creative retellings of myth and history, and great characters.