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Kentucky Clerk Wages Moral War While Married Four Times With Kids Out of Wedlock

By Claire Galofaro | Sep 2
Davis was then an unlikely candidate to wage a moral war over the institution of marriage. At 44 years old, she had been divorced three times and had two children while she wasn't married.

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Kentucky GOP Senate President Asks for Time to Change Law

The Republican president of the Kentucky state Senate has asked a federal judge to withhold his ruling ordering a county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples against her religious beliefs.

Kentucky Clerk Says She's Unable to Follow Judge's Order

A Kentucky county clerk says she is unable to obey a federal judge's order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it would irreparably violate her conscience.

Rally in Response to Raid to Take Place in Brooklyn

A rally calling for the decriminalization of sex work will take place on Thursday at the United States Supreme Court Eastern District in Brooklyn, New York.

Huckabee Supports Kentucky Clerk on Defying Federal Courts

POLITICS | By Bill Barrow | Sep 2
Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee supports a Kentucky clerk's refusal to issue marriage licenses because of her opposition to same-sex marriage.

New Project at Atlanta Museum Focuses on LGBT Civil Rights

NATIONAL | By Kathleen Foddy | Sep 2
Leaders of an Atlanta museum want the space focused on modern and historic civil rights to contribute to a national push to ensure LGBT rights, particularly in southern states.

Kentucky Clerk Asks Judge to Delay Ruling Again

Kim Davis is again asking a judge to delay his ruling ordering her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Parents Seek to Halt 48-Year-Old's Gender Reassignment

NATIONAL | By Michael R. Sisak | Sep 2
A transgender woman whose parents went to court Wednesday to block her gender-reassignment surgery in Pennsylvania said she would rather die on the operating table than continue living with male anatomy.

Senegal Activist: Release Seven Men Convicted of Gay Acts

A Senegalese activist and a rights group on Friday called for the release of seven men arrested in July and sentenced to six months in prison for homosexual acts.

Alleged Threat from GOP Operative to Lesbian Activist: 'I'll Beat You Like A Man'

NATIONAL | By John McDonald | Sep 2
What was intended to be a friendly gathering of local activists in South Florida turned into an ugly encounter with threats of violence.

Arkansas AG: Local LGBT Protections Barred by State Law

Five local measures prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be enforced because of a new Arkansas law barring such protections, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge wrote in a nonbinding opinion Tuesday.

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