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Doctors: Sniff Poppers And You Could Go Blind

Researchers in the United Kingdom say inhaling the 70s club drug "poppers," or isopropyl nitrate, can seriously damage your eyes, thanks to its new formula.

Providence Bars & Clubs

  1. Alley Cat

  2. Alleycat

  3. Cafe Paragon / Viva

  4. CBC Resorts / Club Providence

  5. Dark Lady

  6. Deville’s Cafe

  7. Gay Latin Night

  8. Girl Spot

  9. Girl Spot @ Club X

  10. Luna’s Ladies Night

  11. Platform

  12. Platforms Dance Club

  13. Providence Eagle / Union

  14. The Stable

  15. Stable, The

  16. Touch Providence

  17. Tranny Mania

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Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye Returns to Ptown

By EDGE | Jul 26
Dubbed "The greatest white female singer in the world" by none other than Ella Fitzgerald, star vocalist Marilyn Maye took audiences by storm in her highly anticipated debut in Ptown three summers ago, and again each year since. This summer she returns.