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Ptown Carnival - TDance @ the Boatslip :: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aug 28
After the Carnival Parade, the TDance at the Boatslip was the place to be. See who was there.

Providence Bars & Clubs

  1. Alley Cat

  2. Alleycat

  3. Cafe Paragon / Viva

  4. CBC Resorts / Club Providence

  5. Dark Lady

  6. Deville’s Cafe

  7. Gay Latin Night

  8. Girl Spot

  9. Girl Spot @ Club X

  10. Luna’s Ladies Night

  11. Platform

  12. Platforms Dance Club

  13. Providence Eagle / Union

  14. The Stable

  15. Stable, The

  16. Touch Providence

  17. Tranny Mania

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