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Former HHS Head Sebelius Accepts LGBT Medical Professionals Award

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Sep 9, 2014
On Thursday, September 11, the Honorable Kathleen Sebelius, 21st U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services, will be honored with the GLMA Achievement Award during GLMA's 32nd Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD.

International Medical Manual Entering the Late 20th Century?

By Kilian Melloy | Wednesday Sep 3, 2014
Break out your platform glitter shoes: The World Health Organization might just be preparing to party like it's 1973.

Health-Care Fears Loom Large in Gay Marriage Cases

By Rick Callahan | Monday Aug 25, 2014
Dozens of same-sex couples are challenging Indiana's and Wisconsin's gay marriage bans in a case being heard Tuesday in the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago. Looming large in the case is the issue of medical emergencies they face.

The State of Transgender Healthcare

By Pat Magee, MSW | Saturday Aug 23, 2014
I've yet to meet a gay or lesbian person who needed to be treated medically for their sexual orientation. But many, if not most, transgender people require medical treatment to find some sense of relief and comfort with their bodies.

Mass. Legislators Approve Funding for Prostate Health Awareness

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Jul 7, 2014
On June 30, The Massachusetts’ House of Representatives and Senate created a new education and awareness program dedicated to prostate cancer.

HHC Launches First LGBT Health Clinic, in Harlem

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Jun 24, 2014
On June 5, HHCs Metropolitan Hospital Center in East Harlem opened its new LGBT Health Center, which aims to better serve and remove barriers to care for New York City’s LGBT populations.

Castro Health Center on Track

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Friday Jun 20, 2014
San Francisco’s largest HIV/AIDS-related nonprofit is continuing to build a gay men’s health and wellness center in the Castro neighborhood as it also aims to re-launch one of its fundraising events.

Testing, Testing: (It’s As Easy As) 1, 2, 3

By Kilian Melloy | Monday May 26, 2014
When the subject of testing for STIs comes up, one might find one’s mind flashing on risk factors and possible results for an HIV test. But HIV isn’t the only (or even the nastiest) bug out there.

Lyon-Martin Explores Merger

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Monday May 26, 2014
Lyon-Martin Health Services, a nonprofit that provides primary medical care to women and transgender people regardless of their ability to pay, and HealthRight 360, which offers substance abuse counseling and other programs, are exploring a merger.

Gay Couples Find Uneven Access to Health Insurance

By Ann Sanner | Sunday Mar 30, 2014
Nearly every day for three months, Carl Bechdel had to make calls or send emails to try to get family insurance coverage for his husband and himself under President Barack Obama’s landmark health law.