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Roving Rabbis Spread Across Montana on Kosher Mission

By Matt Volz | Aug 4
Two young Orthodox rabbis have traded their studies in Brooklyn for the back roads of Montana, where they are teaching the far-flung faithful how to keep kosher in Big Sky Country.

Tesla Offers 1st Incentive in Owner Referral Program

Aug 4
Electric car maker Telsa Motors Inc. is offering its first incentive, $1,000 to new-car buyers who are referred by current Tesla owners.

Child 44

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 4
What could -- and ought -- to have been a richly faceted crime thriller set against a brutal epoch turns into a mediocre procedural populated by caricature villains.

Chocolate City

By Padraic Maroney | Aug 4
This isn't "Magic Mike," but "Chocolate City" wants you to think it is a grittier version.

The Affair - Season One

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 4
Any relationship is bound to be a "He Said / She Said" proposition -- and in this Showtime series, that idea is explored to effects both comic and dramatic.

Madame Bovary

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 4
This new film adaptation of the classic novel by Gustave Flaubert is pretty to look at, but as slow to unfold as Flaubert was to set down the words.

Did Bill Cosby Blackball Janis Ian Because He Thought She Was Gay?

By EDGE | Aug 3
Did Bill Cosby blackball Janis Ian because he thought she was gay?

Former Broadcaster James Files Lawsuit Against Fox Sports

Aug 3
Former college football broadcaster Craig James has filed a lawsuit against Fox Sports saying he was fired because he had expressed opposition to gay marriage.

Former President Jimmy Carter Undergoes Liver Operation

Aug 3
Former President Jimmy Carter is expected to make a full recovery after having an operation Monday to remove a small mass in his liver, according to a spokeswoman.

Delta Air Lines: No Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!

Aug 3
Delta, the only United States airline that offers direct flights to South Africa, has just put up a big roadblock for American hunters hoping to bring home animal trophies.

6 thru 15 of 84690 Stories